Frequently Asked Questions

Porcelain Stoneware is created using a mixture of raw materials which undergo a firing process at extremely high temperatures. Thus resulting in an incredibly hard wearing product resistant to stress, trampling and extreme weather conditions. The term ‘porcelain’ is derived from the use of kaolin, a white clay used in the production of bone china.

Rectified tiles are mechanically ground down and polished to be uniform in length and width. The process involves grinding the edges of fired tiles to allow for butt jointed installation, meaning that grout lines are barely visible in the final product.

The finish of the tile is determined by the way it is processed. The rectified or matte finish has a universal application and minimal sheen. A soft finish refers to a satin-like sheen to the tile, whilst Lucido or Gloss is a reflective, shiny surface. A textured or tumbled finish presents itself as a rough surface.

The finish of your tile is dependent on a few factors, the first being the ‘look’ that you are after and the second being the limitations of the finish. The Matte finish is often referred to as ‘universal’ as it can be utilised for wall, floor and external applications. The Soft finish can be utilised internally for both walls and floor. The Gloss finish cannot be used for floor applications as it does not meet the minimum coefficient of friction. The Textured finish can be utilised both indoors and outdoors, though clients generally opt to use this externally.

The shade is the colour tone that features a particular batch of porcelain tiles. In order to maintain consistency, the tiles are grouped according to colour uniformity. The shade is marked on the pack for clarity.

It’s important to know that porcelain tiles can be much denser and stronger than ceramic meaning that cutting them can be more difficult if you haven’t worked with them before. Contact our Trade Centre if you have any questions regarding laying porcelain tiles.

No, you do not need to seal our porcelain tiles.

Our interior designers assist with planning and designing your space to suit your budget and design requirements. They take you through the selection process, and advise on complimentary design choices to ensure your home has a sense of flow throughout.

Our design services are free of charge, however they do require a booking. You can book with one of our staff here.

We ask that all of our clients book their design consultation with us. This allows us to dedicate one-on-one time to your project. You can book with us through our 'Book Now' button.

To prepare we recommend getting some ideas of what you like or dislike. Generally, Pinterest or Instagram is a great resource to get an understanding of designs you may gravitate towards. Don’t feel like you have to know exactly what you want, that’s what our designers are there for. We recommend bringing a copy of your house plans with you on the day, to ensure that your designer gets a sense of your space and you can get the most out of your consultation. Other than that, just bring yourself!

In the case that you change your mind for whatever reason, we invite you to reselect with us. Change is a part of the building journey, the Amalfi team is very used to thinking on our feet and accommodating our clients to the best of our ability.

After your consultation you will receive an email with a Quotation which will detail all of the selections we picked out as well as pricing.

We understand that building or renovating can be expensive which is why we offer a wide range of products to suit a variety of budgets. If you had a change of circumstances, or are unsure about the price of your quote we invite you to reselect with us.

We have over a decade of experience dealing with a variety of projects, anything from renovations to commercial builds. We work closely with various architects, designers, builders, trades, developers and more Sydney-wide.